Personal Watercraft (Jetski)

Buying a JetskiA Personal Watercraft or Jetski could be considered generally as a one or two person motorbike for the sea. It is a small craft which is riden by its driver and/or passenger.They can accelerate quickly, move very fast through the water and have good manoevrability. This is all due to a powerful motor which drives an impellor to suck water into the jetski and then expel it through a directionally controlled nozzle. They are built to be very buoyant and therefore can be easily righted if they capsize. There are larger Jetskis available nowadays which seat three or four people. Many enthusiasts enjoy the exhilerating experience of riding them on the waves and even a beginner can learn to have alot of fun with these crafts within a very short time. There are now several established brands in the UK which range in price from about £5,000 up to over £10,000. Some of the popular manufacturers are:

  • Sea Doo
  • Yamaha Waverunner
  • Kawasaki Jet Ski

As security of personal watercraft is of prime importance all the main manufacturers who import jetskis into the UK, automatically protect them with the Datatag system. This is a very sophisticated identification scheme which uses both visible registration numbers and electronic tags to protect the craft. Many insurers insist on the jetski being protected and offer premium discounts for doing so.

Seadoo RXT Personal Watercraft Seadoo Jetski



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