Porter Brothers Ltd - Wayfarer and Optimist Dinghies

Porter Brothers (www.porters.org.uk) are one of the longest established and most well respected dinghy and small keelboat builders in the United Kingdom. Porter Brothers are based at Emsworth Yacht Harbour in Hampshire, UK.

Porter Brothers have an extensive range of models which account for some of the most popular designs in the world including the internationally respected Optimist and Wayfarer dinghies, together with the Wanderer and Gull Spirit, for which they are the sole UK builders. 

In addition to the range of dinghies, they also manufacture a range of Rigid Inflatable Boats, including the Barracuda (which ranges from 4.5mtrs to 5.4mtrs), the Rescue (4.5mtrs - 5.5mtrs), The Sport (4.75 - 5.75mtrs) and t6he renegade (5.8mtrs - 6.,5mtrs)

Over the years Porter Brothers built boats have won numerous World and National championships in a variety of classes. Their building and finishing techniques are second to none, they have been at the forefront of a number of technological advances. Many of the major schools and institutions use Porter Brothers as an equipment supplier, as do the Ministry of Defence. 

Porter Brothers are located in the UK, where they also offer an extensive boat repair and refurbishment service as well as the sale of new and used boats. They also have a range of European agents established. 

Wayfarer Dinghy

The Design.

WayfarerFrom the board of one of the worlds most successful and influential designers back in 1957, the Wayfarer has always been one of the most respected classes. Ian Proctor designed a boat suitable for a multitude of purposes from day sailing to championship level racing. Possibly the most successful training boat ever, the Wayfarer has been fully developed and tested over the years to its current high level of refinement with different versions catering for peoples different requirements. An excellent sea boat with the capability of long sea passages.


Porter Brothers Ltd

Over the years the Wayfarer has become the ideal boat for many uses.Wayfarer Dinghy An excellent training dinghy, the Wayfarer has also been proven beyond doubt to be the best small craft for cruising with a record of heroic trips from the UK to Scandinavia, Europe, around the Mediterranean and throughout North America. The Wayfarer is also one of the best supported racing classes in the U.K. with racing available at the majority of clubs, partly thanks to a competitive handicap. For those with higher aspirations National and International Championships are held regularly.

Optimist Dinghy

The Optimist is one of the most successful boats ever designed currently found in over 100 countries world wide. The Optimist is the ideal boat for learning, training and racing for youngsters under the age of 15. Porters Optimist

The design of the Porters Optimist has been thoroughly tested over a twelve month period and thus ensures that it is one of the best available. The fact that it has been carefully developed to take advantage of the very strict one design rules and that we place great emphasis on attention to the smallest detail, has enabled us to produce one of the best finished and highest quality Optimist dinghies you will find.

Fast Light Dinghy To ensure a fast, light, but stiff hull, with the required level of longevity we have utilised an advanced regulated vacuum finishing technique which we have been using for over 10yrs. This process guarantees a long lasting and very competitive boat. Throughout the construction, top quality bi-axial cloth and high density foam has been used in conjunction with the highest grade polyester isophalic resins.


The Porters Optimist is the only UK GRP built boat currently available. All boats are supplied complete and ready to sail with class registration and measurement certificate.

Please visit their website at www.porters.org.uk for further details.



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