Boat Shared Ownership

Boat Shared Ownership or Syndicates

Boat Shared-Ownership is an increasing way in which enthusiasts can now own a Yacht, using it for the right amount of time and at a realistic cost. The conflict between the allure of your yacht and the demands of your home life make co-ownership ideal. Why own the responsibility for your yacht if you can only use it for 4 to 6 weeks in the year. Share the cost with other people and double the enjoyment.

What is Boat Shared Ownership or a Syndicate

Shared Ownership enables you to buy a share of a boat (normally a very high specification vessel), reduce your annual running costs, and have access to the boat for up to 6 weeks in the year. These weeks are normally allocated evenly between the members of the syndicate of which there are normally no more than 8, giving each owner a good choice of weeks throughout the year.

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SailTime Option


The SailTime Option

SailTime offer a new idea - Fractional sailing. This is an innovative new approach to sailboat or motorboat access and ownership that makes it easier, quicker and more economical for aspiring captains to take the helm of a new sailboat. Seven members and one Owner Member are guaranteed a certain amount of sail time each month for a fixed monthly charge. Sailing times are organised via an advanced online SailTime Scheduler. Most of the maintenance costs are taken care of by SailTime, making it a very economical way of sailing. For further information check out their website at




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