Dolphin Engines

Dolphin Engines

Dolphin Yacht Auxiliary Engine.Dolphin engines have been made in Cornwall for over 20 years now and go back, when produced in N London, as far as the late fifties. The engine was originally designed as an air cooled unit for use in the small Berkeley 3 wheeler car and later in a motor cycle scrambles machine. Over the years they have produced some fine yacht engines. Their Dolphin Yacht Auxiliary Engine has a fine pedigree with its forerunner beating all the competition to win the British Hydroplane Champs two years in a row in 1962/1963. Production of their engines was fairly steady with no shortage of customers right through from 1966 to 1977, then the small Japanese diesel appeared and sales fell away quite dramatically !

Not to be deterred by this, and quite rightly assuming that there would always be a small market for petrol engines no matter what, David Chapman and the original designer of the engine, Peter Hogan, purchased the remains of RCA Engineering (R Christoforides & Associates), from the Receiver in 1978 and continued to date to produce engines in small quantities and provide a spares and repair service for existing, and new, owners.

In 1986 David Chapman redesigned the engine, using all the well proven internals, to become the new Series II. This removed the dynastart and the sailing clutch, did away with the need to stop and restart the engine to go astern, brought the water pump to the front of the engine, and introduced a 2:1 gearbox, electronic ignition and an alternator. Conventional single lever control to the Hurth gearbox to move ahead or astern. Being petrol powered response is now instantaneous!!

This engine is now available as a 440cc 16hp unit (bigger bore and stroke) providing considerably more torque. An improved paint job is now applied to all engines - acid etch primer, undercoat and enamel top coat. Limited numbers of reconditioned engines are available, preferably on an exchange basis.

Whether you race or cruise the engine is smooth, quiet, strong and reliable. It is Hand built for precision performance, with production line benefits to suit your pocket. The main benefits are


Dolphin Yacht Auxiliary Engine
  • Smooth
  • Strong
  • Quiet
  • Reliable Performance
  • Low Cost
  • Low Maintenance
  • High Reliability



It is The Classic Engine for The Classic Boat

More details about the engibnes features and its specifications can be found on the Dolphin Engines website



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