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With over 65 years experience, FLAG Paints Ltd produces a wide range of high quality paints, wood finishes and associated products at highly competitive prices. We are proud to offer first class quality and service at all times.

Our highly trained laboratory staff and technicians manufacture a wide variety of specialist products and technical solutions, everything from domestic & trade brands to highly technical  marine antifouling coatings. All FLAG products are made in the United Kingdom by FLAG PAINTS LTD.

Flag Paints PTFE based Antifouling

FLAG Paints Ltd, manufacturers of the FLAGship range of antifoulings has just launched a new copper-rich low friction PTFE based antifouling. "Bringing the benefit of non-stick pan technology to antifoulings has many advantages" claims Marine Director David Lewin, "It can increase hull speed, is easier to scrub, reduces leeching poisons into the environment as it is not self-eroding and being 'thin film' reduces hull 'build-up'. Containing metallic copper and a small amount of 'anti-slime agent', it comes premixed in 2.5ltr and 1ltr sizes, can be applied by spray or roller and is extremely quick drying, so 2 or 3 coats and a relaunch can easily be achieved in a day. It can also be applied over other PTFE or Teflon based systems and is suitable for hulls of all speeds and all materials except aluminium.  This new antifouling basically combines the features of copper-rich long-life antifoulings with easier to apply 'low surface energy' PTFE resins.  Available from selected chandlers.

aints copper-rich AntifoulingFLAG Paints Ltd has added to its already successful antifouling by launching a complete leisure marine range. "After the success and acceptance of our FLAGship antifouling, it was only natural to provide a whole marine range" says Sales Director Martin Noon. "Good top coats require a good base layer, so we now provide rust converters, chlorinated rubber and zinc oxide primers as well as a full range of Cruising and High Performance FLAG antifoulings, varnishes and interior paints". FLAG has also recently launched FLAG CopperQuick antifouling, a thin film low friction coating suitable for all fast craft.

For Further Information visit their website www.flagfinishes.co.uk


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